• aktuatoren 2270x1630

    Powerful and flexible actuators

  • gestenerkennung 2270x1630

    IMU Gesture Detection

  • manipulator 2270x1630

    Various types of flexible manipulators

  • kooperation und sicherheit2 2270x1630

    Man-machine cooperation and safety

  • mensch roboter interaktion 2270x1630

    Comprehensive man-machine interactions

  • kontrolle und programmierung 2270x1630

    Complete tool set for control and programming

  • zeigegestenerkennung 2270x1630

    Controlling robots just with voice commands and gestures

FourByThree - Cooperative Robotics For You

FourByThree proposes the development of a new generation of modular industrial robotic solutions that are suitable for efficient task execution in collaboration with humans in a safe way and are easy to use and program by the factory workers.

FourByThree was born as a European project, with 15 partners working towards the same goal, with the support of the European Commission. The project lasted for three years, 2015-2017. The consortium then decided to exploit results in a coordinated manner.